#SOAB is your hip hop-inspired events and lifestyle brand.
It all started with a group of friends who sought more from London’s social scene. Chasing the feeling of summer, they dared to put on day parties that combined the best of London’s up-and-coming DJs, great food and eye-catching expressions of art.
One party after another, from rooftops to terraces, #SOAB became the toast of Summer 2017. Hundreds have been having too much fun to ask what #SOAB stands for. It is in fact, our love-letter to the summer, hip-hop culture and most importantly, YOU!!!

About the #SOAB party experience.


These summer events transport our followers to an upscale rooftop in the city for a soirée of excellent food, music and drink.


A fun & relaxing affair, this day-time pop-up focuses on customer interaction, games, live performances and larger-than-life props. The ultimate adult playground!


A more intimate after-work special that brings that #SOAB vibe you love into a smaller, cosier setting. Come with your friends, unwind and celebrate payday!


These come in as the seasions do. Valentine's, Halloween or Carnival Season coming up? Keep your eyes peeled, we just may have something special for you!


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